About Us

Our family, like many Greek families, has a tradition of harvesting olives for generations. Being of Spartan descent means we have enjoyed the best extra virgin olive oil since antiquity. For years our family has been bringing our olive oil to the U.S. for personal consumption and in recent years our friends have been asking us to share some of this goodness with them. With this thought we decided to set forth an effort to bottle our EVOO and be the source to those looking for an authentic and single source extra virgin olive oil. 

In 2021 we launched our company Laconic Foods and Spartan Gold Olive Oil was born through that.  As we joined the local farmers markets throughout Chicagoland we were pleasantly surprised with how well we were received by the communities surrounding us. They loved the purity and flavor of our oil and mostly they loved knowing where the oil comes from. Our Extra Virgin Olive measures as low as 0.21% in acidity levels and is high in polyphenol counts which is what makes it one of the healthiest oils on the planet. Our oils and products are pure, undiluted, unfiltered and come from our land outside of Sparta from the village of Geraki. 

We invite you to try our products and share these excellent flavors with your friends and family. Knowing they are single sourced rest assured you are enjoying products that come straight from our family’s land to your family’s table.