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Greek Wild Thyme Honey | Raw and Unfiltered

Greek Wild Thyme Honey | Raw and Unfiltered

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36.9923° N, 22.7059° E

Fourth generation beekeeper Athanasios Manokas is a master at his craft.  His son Niko studied beekeeping at the University of Athens to take over the reigns one day. Together, the father and son team produce some of the finest honey in the world.


Honey from Greece is one of the best in the world and distinguished for its rich taste and exceptional aromas. The mild climate, diverse flora, and endemic flowers create the perfect conditions for beekeeping.

Thyme honey is produced from the many hundreds of species of Thyme.  One of the most notable honey-producing species is Wild Thyme.

This particular species is found in the wild and rocky soils of Southern Greece. Thyme honey has been around since ancient times.

Thyme honey from Greece is famous around the world for its delicious aromatic flavors and health benefits. It is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thyme honey is light in color, with intense floral aromas. It is infused with layers of flavors from the abundant wild flowers found on the mountain slopes.

The significant amount of indigeneous herbs, plants and the Mediterrenean mild winters with dry summers are ideal conditions for the bees. 

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