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Greek Wild Oak Honey | Raw & Unfiltered

Greek Wild Oak Honey | Raw & Unfiltered

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38.3930° N, 21.8349° E

Since ancient years, during spring season the bees used to graze the sacred tree of Zeus, the oak. 

By August, or latest in September, this dark honey is collected. Researches of the Laboratory of Beekeeping and Sericulture in the Department of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, are ranking it as the most powerful antioxidant honey in the world. Worthy Greek dieticians call it as “the Greek Manuka”.

Unfortunately this super antioxidant honey does not come out in quantities every year. Usually the bees harvest it from the honeysuckle of the oaks every two years, something that is connected with the production of the fruits that cause the secretions, since the tree is exhausted after a year with many acorns loaded on its branches and the next does not make any more.

The special climatic conditions and biodiversity of Greek mountains and forests, make the produced oak honey to have specific aroma and contain high levels of total phenols and impressive rates of iron content.

Due to extra abundance phenols and iron, the Greek oak honey is preferred by health conscious consumers, whilst some of them keep it in stock to cover their next yearly consumption, as the produced quantities vary from year to year.


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