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Spartan Gold CHILLY PEPPER Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) | Single Estate | 250ml

Spartan Gold CHILLY PEPPER Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) | Single Estate | 250ml

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Our Original Spartan Gold EVOO with chilly pepper! Adding just enough spice to your dishes without overheating your taste buds! Perfect on veggies on the grill, roasted bread, meats and more.

Spartan Gold EVOO is a product of the Manokas family-owned olive groves, from Geraki, Laconia measuring at 0.2% acidity levels.

At the foothills of Parnonas mountain range, 300 meters high, Geraki looks over the Laconic valley's 14 million olive trees and one of the world's most exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil productions.

Our family's production dates back four generations, using traditional methods, our EVOO comes from a variety of ancient rooted olive trees, with superior taste, rich flavor and world renowned nutritional benefits.

The soil and microclimate of Geraki is what makes it synonymous to the most unique olive trees on earth.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the original superfood made famous by the Ancient Greeks. Elegant, complex, and delicious. Cold-extracted and unfiltered.  Brings out the flavors of the foods.  Not overpowering. Great for sautéing, baking, drizzling and even frying (at lower heat). Great on fish, meats and salads.  The ultimate dipping oil.  Excellent finishing oil!


Elegant and complex. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts a rich, grassy nose with hints of fresh herbs, and a round, buttery, peppery finish. It brings out the flavors of vegetables and salads and is amazing when braising meats and hearty dishes.


36.9923° N, 22.7059° E


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