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Greek Dried Basil | Sparta, Greece | 20g

Greek Dried Basil | Sparta, Greece | 20g

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This popular herb seasoning, dry basil leaves are a staple of the Mediterranean diet and used in a range of cuisines across the globe.  Our dry basil is grown and harvested by hand from basil plants grown on the rocky hillsides of Mount Taygetos near the city of Sparta. It has a long, rich history of being used by Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians for flavor, healing, and warding off spirits.

Our dried basil is highly aromatic with sweet and earthy qualities with notes of citrus, white pepper, and mint.

These dried herbs are an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cooking. Our organic dried basil is popular in dishes like pasta, pizza, vegetables, and salads. It is also a staple in flavoring sauces, stews, dressings, and seasonings.

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