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Greek Wild Thyme | Sparta, Greece | 40g

Greek Wild Thyme | Sparta, Greece | 40g

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Hand picked from the slopes of Mt. Taygetos, Sparta, Greece.

A popular herb seasoning, dried organic thyme is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and used in a range of cuisines across the globe.

These organic thyme leaves are grown and harvested by hand from the sunny Mediterranean coast. Harvested just before flowering, these herbs support the natural ecosystem of the honeybees in Sparta and the surrounding coastal villages. 

Our Mediterranean thyme is a deeply aromatic herb that boasts an earthy and peppery flavor with subtle hints of clove and mint.

These dried herbs are an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cooking. Our dried thyme is popular in many savory recipes and dishes, like roasted vegetables and braised meats. It’s also a staple in soups, marinades, and teas.

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