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Red Wine Vinegar | Greece | 250ml

Red Wine Vinegar | Greece | 250ml

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Our Red Vinegar is exclusively produced by red wines from Nemea, Greece from a varietal of grapes known as "Agioritika". Using traditional methods and no added sugars, it's deeply aromatic and intensely flavorful. A natural antioxidant, antibacterial and a fighter against cholesterol, it is the best source for a healthy lifestyle.

Our red wine vinegar is deeply aromatic, with complex notes as it is made exclusively from wine and has a strong acidity and pungent taste. Just a few drops are enough to give flavor and aroma to your food. It is the best choice for marinade, as the intense acidity softens the meat or fish and allows them to absorb the taste to the maximum. Red wine vinegar is primarily used to quench cooked foods by replacing wine. Of course it is used as a base for dressing or vinaigrettes and offers flavor and aroma to any salad, without the need to add salt.


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